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We are 3 sisters with a lot of ideas that we will be posting. To read more about us click the ABOUT US tab.
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About us

We are sisters, with awesome parents and a mother who taught us to be the women we are today.
Between the three of us, there is a missionary, a full time hair stylest, a chef, two homes,two husbands, one baby and a lot of great ideas.

Cara (the girl in pink) is the middle sister, she is the glue she keeps the three of us together we wouldn't be sisters with out her. She completes our trio. Right now she is doing a great thing, serving a mission for the
 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints she is going to be pretty busy she won't be writing much. But we love her and look forward to her letters.

Now here is a little about the two sisters left behind.

Lyndee (the girl in blue) is the oldest sister; she has been married about three years and has an 18 month old daughter that keeps her busy. She is also a chef (in training) and loves new recipes; 
she likes all kinds of crafts, lamp work beads and finding new hobbies.

Candice (the beautiful bride) is the youngest sister, and full time hair stylist; she has great tips for hair and makeup. She has awesome decorating taste and tips and not afraid to try anything new. She has been married for about a year and is learning the ropes of marriage and apartment life. 

Between the two of us there's a lot going on in our own lives but we share one common thread; making our house (whatever it may be) a home. You will find everything here from hair and make up tips to recipes to cheap date nights.

Just like the song from white Christmas, we spent hours getting each other ready for dances, weddings, and missions, and while one wore the dress the other two stayed home.
 Though far away, we still think and act as one; caring, sharing, and every little thing that we are wearing.

We have always shared clothes, make up, and secrets and as we have gotten older it just keeps getting better.

Here are some of our adventures!