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Friday, January 20, 2012

spice up your walls


One great way to decorate an appartment that you cant use paint, is to come up with lots of things to put on the walls. I found a great way to add a huge splash of color to our bedroom without damaging or painting the wall.

What you will need to stripe your walls:

  • Ribbon ( I did two different colors)
  • Double side tape or pins
  • tape measurer
    The first thing I did was measure my wall and divide it with how many stripes I wanted on my wall. I then marked it with a light pencil to make sure they were all the same distance apart and to make sure they were completley straight. I used bothe pins and tape on my stripes, if your using tape make sure you put it on the wall first so you don't make it bunch up. Also if you are using pins make sure that you get shorter ones, so they're easier to pound into the wall without bending it.
                                                       On the top and bottom part I folded it over so that way it doesen't fray and so it looks straight. It's a super easy weekend prodject to do with your honey without a huge mess. So far I've had my stripes up for two months and they haven't fell off or anything. There are so many color possibilities  to do with this.


  1. I love the colors that you used!! And I can't believe your stripes are really ribbons! What a great way to spruce up a rental instead of painting. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!!

  2. This is brilliance! I love the look and the fact that is removable takes the cake! Featuring this today on A Little Tipsy!