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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Day Kickoff

With Valentines day just next week I am starting to get tired of all the things you see on tv about what are you getting and what romantic thing your man will do for you. Thats all great really (I do look forward to it) but I think it puts a little pressure the guys.... what about the day to day things?
I am the ultimate hopeless romantic, all ways have been always will be. I love romantic novels and my favorite movie will for ever be Dirty Dancing. For as long as I can remember I have been reading love stories and watching cutsie movies. I used to day dream about the "perfect" man that I saw in movies like the notebook and dirty dancing 

When my hubby and I got married I wanted that but then began to realize love or romance I should say isn't always a scene from your favorite movie, okay so it never really is but then I began to notice love to me is simple.
It is this full length mirror he bought me for my birthday when I was almost 8 months pregnant I couldn't see anything past my belly button. He bought me this mirror and a cute outfit so I could see it all at once. 

Love is after a stressful day (pregnant or not) I love to jump in the bubble bath and I love it even more when 
he brings me some extreame moose tracks ice cream knowing its exactly what I need bubble bath and ice cream oh so wonderful

Love is Blue Jeans and a Rosary by kid rock its our song you might think its crazy because its  a rock song but it was our wedding song and we dance to it all the time.

And last but not least love is those slobbery open mouth baby kisses that your not sure where they are trying to kiss you but its okay because it makes them smile and you both end up covered in slobber any way.

For me love isn't that hard to see in fact its very very simple.

So to kick off Valentines we will be posting a few things and ideas we have done or will do for valentines.


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